10K photos coming soon, massive downloads

We have been everywhere around Crete and we are uploading some of our best photo work almost on daily basis.

Our goal is to include well known places like Balos, Elafonisi and Preveli, but also lesser known spots that travelers coming to Crete are very keen to explore. 

We recognize how important social media have become in our every day lives, and especially for promoting your business to your audience. 

For this reason, we have included a diverse portfolio of horizontal and vertical images that are more appealing to the social media format of Instagram and Facebook.   

We are 100% positive that using our content will make your website and social media accounts standout!

Your business will grow in Google search results, and the Instagram and Facebook algorithm will love you! And we can tell you this from our experience!

How can you benefit

Why use Crete Stock?

Crete Stock has a one of a kind collection of thousands of photos, taken by our local creative team that knows the ins and outs of the island. We know the most popular locations that are the most appealing to travelers. 

What about your pricing?

We have tried to keep the pricing to a minimum and  much more affordable than the big stock sites. Our prices are almost half than those of the bigger sites. 

Do you have many photos?

We have a vast collection of photos and videos from around Crete that is close to tens of thousands of assets. We are working really hard to get as much as we can to you, with 5,000 planned to be uploaded by the end of 2022. 

Why not use the bigger stock sites?

We would keep this plain and simple. We are much more affordable and have a larger gallery which grows by the minute. Why pay more and use a photo that has been used a thousand of times before? Think about it.

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